Before Coke was bottled in the standardized "hobbleskirt" bottle, Coke came in mostly straight-sided bottles with a paper label. The first hobbleskirts appeared after 1915, so these bottles are from 1915 and before.

And here are some hobbleskirt bottles. The first two are of the "BOTTLE PAT'D NOV. 16, 1915" series, look closely to find this lettering. Notice the difference in the top loop of the C in Cola, it wasn't quite standard yet. Next is one from the "DEC. 25, 1923" series, bottles with this text are from the 20's and 30's. Next is one with the patent number and reads: "D-105529", bottles with this text are from the 40's and 50's. In the 1960's they began printing the script on the bottle instead. Last is an old bottle still full of its ambrosia.

Here are a couple cardboard cartons that the Coke-filled hobbleskirt bottles were sold in. The fishtail carton is from the late 1950's and the other is from the 1960's.

And here is a bottle in which Coke syrup was shipped to fountain vendors. This is probably from the 1960's.