I've had some neat stuff made for me that peronalizes my Coke collection.

Michele made these drapes to cover a shelf we store food on in our kitchen, and a friend painted the Coca-Cola script on it. On top of the shelf are bottles and cans from around the world.

Michele's mother was a model, and we found this old proof of her posing with a Coke bottle (its in the upper left corner of the frame.) Michele had a friend take a picture of her in the same pose with one of my signs as a backdrop. Michele painted the frame and a friend painted the Coca-Cola script on it, and then Michele treated the frame to make it look antique.

I wanted an old Coke clock, but couldn't find an inexpensive one. Michele made me a couple custom Coke clocks instead! The face of this clock is made from an old 78rpm record album. She cut pictures out of a Coke advertising-collecting coffee-table book we got for $4 at a used book store and decoupaged them onto the record. After making the center hole bigger she mounted an electric clock. The numbers are wood, and were glued on.

Michele converted this clock into another Coke clock for me. She painted it red, cut out the numbers with an exacto knife and glued them on. She scanned in the arrow Coke sign and color-printed them out in the two different sizes and mounted them on the clock hands.

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