the tour of the coke kitchen starts in the back right corner with the light-up clock and the big sign that was under the bed until now - now that we have a place to hang it!

next we see one side of the stairway down to the basement. above the lower door (that goes outside) is the sign from Cedar, KS acquired at grandma's 100th b-day. to the right of the door is the big red 'button' acquired in KS in a trip back in jr. or sr. high with the family. below it are various bottles and cans.

next we see the other side of the stairway. the big one was a gift from aunt elaine, and above it is the football program from dad's high school football team. above the doorway is a sign my friend wayne got me from the marina he used to work at.

still rotating to the right around the kitchen we next come to the sign on the fridge and the chalk board on the wall.

next are some great old trays, the one on the left from aunt elaine, and another sign purchased dirt-cheap at an antique store in KS years ago.

last is the primo bottle collection above the cabinets. there are some great 90 year old bottles up there, go here for close-ups of some of these bottles.

lastly i wanted you to see the great curtains michele made for me up close.