There are many, many, many kinds of Coke collectibles. Here's a very small few.

Here's a toy dispenser from the 1950's. You put a 6oz bottle inside and when you pull the lever down it tips the bottle and pours the coke out into the tiny 2" plastic glasses. The glasses even have the Coca-Cola script on them.

I got my first authentic Coke tray as a gift from my aunt. It is from the 1950's.

Here are a few other old Coke trays, the first from the 1940's, the second from the 1950's.

I got to see the Tour de France while visiting Switzerland in 1992. After the peloton swooshed by, the ultimate souvenier was left in the road, and by some miracle I got to it first: a discarded rider's water bottle, supplied by one of the sponsers - Coca-Cola.

My father found this in a box of his old things. Coke printed blank sports programs (across the bottom there are drawings of referee's hand signals with text saying what the call is - a key for the un-footballed) that organizations could use to print their team rosters on. A free program for schools to print on, and advertising exposure for Coke. This one has my dad's name, grade, and weight on it, along with all his teamates. So this is a great personal Coke collectible. This was used in 1947.