I'm not really sure what started the Coke collection, but the current theory, and the most fun one is that my sister gave me this sign for my birthday when I was probably in junior high school. You could buy this at Spencer Gifts in the 1970's, its a mock-up of an old Coke advertisement. Its not very valuable, but I'll never part with it!

I got my first real signs shortly thereafter. I got this one for $5 at an antique store in Kansas (where my dad is from) in the early 1980's. Quite a deal. Its a two-sided sign that sat on top of a display holding cartons of Coke. Judging by the price for the Coke, this sign is from the late 1930's.

A friend in college found this sign for me in a junk pile, still attached to a door. It was mounted on the bottom of the door, I think they thought it was a cheap way to protect the door, people probably kicked the door open with their foot, you can see where the right side of the sign has taken a beating. This is called a "fishtail" sign because of the fishtail-like graphic on either side of "Coca-Cola". Its 31" long and from the 1960's.

My aunt got me this cardboard sign as a gift. These were slid into frames on the sides of buses or delivery vehichles as rolling advertisements. It is 56" long and is dated 1948.

I coveted a light-up clock for years, and finally acquired one. I just love it. There were made in the 1960's and were in restaraunts when I was a kid, so this clock evokes fun memories.

I wanted a chalk menu board, but they're pretty pricey. Someone cut part of this one off to make themselves a cheap custom fit piece of sheet metal for something. I picked it up for $25 on ebay and we enjoy leaving phone messages on it.

I fell in love with another fishtail sign at an antique store recently, and my wife got if for me for an anniversary present. It is 28" long.

There are countless Coca-Cola signs. These are just a few!