Here's a cabinet Michele made from an old pair of folding shutters. First the old paint was stripped off. Then it was taken taken to a friend who built it into a cabinet using 2 shutters for the sides and 2 shutters for the doors. The inside finish was created using red barn acryllic and brushed with a dark glaze. The glaze was removed with a dry brush to create an aged look. The outside finish has a white acryllic base coat with charcoal green acryllic painted over that. It was brushed with a coat of glaze mixed from mars black and raw umber. A dry brush was used to remove some of the glaze. It was sanded to create the aged look. Chicken wire was put in the window of the door. The original hardware was used for the front latch. The barn door hinges were specially made for the cabinet. It stands 40" tall.

Michele found this little cabinet and stripped it. It was patchily painted with a light shade of blue/gray acryllic blue. Next crackle was applied, and it was painted with a darker shade of acryllic blue. It was sanded to create the aged look. The original door handle was removed and another handle was made from these 2 old pieces. It stands 17" tall.

Michele found this clock and stripped it. It was painted using a fragile crackle technique. The bottom coat was done in a light mustard acryllic, covered with an apple butter glaze. To give the copper bands an oxidized look, they were treated with a copper patina.

Michele had printed some prose on handmade paper that contains dried flowers. The mat was selected and the frame was painted a metallic peridot acryllic. The edges were painted in gold acryllic paint along with antique gold 'rub n buff'.

Michele took an old vanity and made two bedside tables out of them. The mirror, the middle section, and the supporting boards were removed, leaving only the 2 side drawer units. The drawer units were stripped. The veneer was replaced on the top and on the drawer fronts. The bedstands were completely refinished with a cherry stain and amber glaze. In the first photo you see a nice looking bedstand with 2 drawers. The second photo is the back view of one our new bedside tables (which is hidden from sight), to show where things used to be attached.