The photos of Michele and David's engagement moment!

I had planned to ask her to marry me that day but didn't know when or where, and we stopped at this park and Michele just happened to say: "I just got a remote control for my camera, let's get a picture of us in front of the waterfall!" So the perfect opportunity presented itself. So this first picture is my set-up shot, I wanted to make sure the remote worked before I popped the question. You can barely see the remote in my hand on the left side of the picture. So here's that set up shot, just about two minutes before I asked her to marry me:
set-up shot before david pops the question

Then after checking that the film had advanced I came back over and sat back down and said "I want to take another" and after getting settled said: "Are you ready?" (and she's thinking I mean for the picture) and she says "yup!" and I say: "Will you marry me?" and then pushed the remote. The ring is in my right hand and the remote is in my left hand, and well, Michele looks a little surprised!
david has just popped the question!

Now she's got the ring on:
she likes the ring, she likes the idea!

Now it's sinking in:
it's sinking in...

A little stunned disbelief:
what, is she surprised?

And the mushy part:

So anyhoo, there you have it, David and Michele got engaged in February of 1996 in Valley Falls State Park, Virginia