After staying 3 nights in the youth hostel in Salzburg, we went on a bit of an adventure, in a couple of different ways. I wanted to do a hike on Untersburg and wanted to stay near the trailhead. People told us you could arrive in just about any town and find a place to stay on the fly, a bit unnerving for a control freak like me. We got off the bus at our intended destination and where the map said there was a hotel, but there was no hotel! We wandered around for a bit and a local pointed us down the road and we found a wonderful little pension, Bloberger Hof.

This is a view from the hike up Untersburg looking back at Salzburg. If you know where to look (upper right mostly surrounded by green) you can see a little white blob, that is the "little" castle up on a "small" hillside. Ha ha. The fortress is absolutely menacing both from down in Salzburg and when you are up in it. It looks so trivial from up here. Ah, perspective... That is Moosstrasse running "vertical" from the base of the mountain into Salzburg.