From Zell am See in Austria we finally headed into Italy where we would spend our last week with friends in Florence. But the 2nd day we were there we went to Sienna to see my dear friend Cossette get married. Since most of our time in Florence was after the wedding, I'll do Sienna first.

Mark proposed to Cossette in Venice and they are both wild and crazy and romantic enough to actually go back and get married in Italy as well; they are both American. So they did! We tried to plan our trip so we would be there when they got married but then they changed the date and then we were not sure and finally we just sort of dropped it and made our plans. A few weeks before we left I got an email and not only were they getting married when were were to be in Europe, they were getting married an hour away from Florence while we were already going to be in Florence! So cool.

It was a thrill and an privilege to get to be at this small, intimate gathering. Seven other people came as well, 6 other Yanks and 1 Brit. This day was in my top 3 for coolest days in Europe. To get to experience Sienna in this completely atypical way for an American tourist was truly wonderful.

Cossette and Mark got married in the Palazzo Publico which is on Piazza il Campo where this photo of the happy bride was taken.