I've seen some artsy pictures of old bicycles in the past and hoped to capture some similar images while in Europe. There was also a calender of beautiful old doorways in Tuscany so that inspired Michele to pay closer attention to the doors in Florence. As we roamed around Florence, a major priority of our chill-out agenda was to take some such photos. We really had fun taking these as we strolled. These pictures capture for us part of what we loved about Florence.

First come the bikes, then come the doors, then some more bikes but this time in action as we sat in a square people watching and listening to a band.

One of my criteria for the bike photos was that they be "naturally occuring" which means that didn't move any bikes but rather waited for bikes to be against cool or even complimentary backgrounds. Yes, people frequently parked their bicycles this way... We hope you enjoy this last section, our take on Florence.