Michele and I (David) took a 3 week vacation to Europe in the Fall of 2005. What follows is (yikes!) over 200 photos (but hey, we took 500) so family and friends can see a photo album of sorts. But don't let that intimidate you! Have fun just flying through it, stopping to read my comments occasionly if your curiousity is piqued. Certainly some photos you've seen many times before and need no explanation, and many of mine are not nearly as good. Just click a link in the left menu to go to a particular section, or click NEXT in the bottom right corner to stroll through the album. (The Alt and Left Arrow key are your keyboard shortcut to go back if you wish.)

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The catalyst for the trip was an invitation from Michele's cousin Lisa's family to come visit them in Luxembourg. So we spent time with them in Luxembourg and also spent a weekend in Paris, staying with Cyrille's (Lisa's husband) mother, Cyrille grew up in Paris. From there we visited a castle in Germany, ancestors of Michele, where the Counts of Burg ruled their lands. Next we visited my friend Joachim in Germany and then went on to Salzburg. In addition to Salzburg city we hiked Jenner mountain near Berchtesgaden, and Untersburg just outside of Salzburg. From there we went to Zell am See and did some more hiking in the Alps. Our final destination was Florence where we hung out with our friends Kevin and Barbara Macnish and also got to see a friend of mine get married in Sienna.

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Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoy the show!