David's notes from the Fall of 2004

West Virginia Fall Info

coopers rock state forest, bruceton mills, wv

I called Coopers Rock today 10-14-04 and asked about the color.
He said: "The thing of it is, toward Morgantown there is great color,
but there is still a lot of green here. I'd say it's about 50% turned,
but there is still a lot of green here. An article in the paper today
said 75%, but there is still a lot of green here. So it might even be
good into the last weekend of October"

We went October 23-24, 2004 and it was fantastic. I little past peak perhaps. The campground was empty, only 6-8 sites taken, which was very surprising. Lots of good color left, some trees had lost most leaves. The drive out was beautiful. The color stopped after Frostburg, most trees had lost leaves to the west. But the Cheat river valley was still very nice.

blackwater falls state park, thomas, wv

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BWF is peak right now, the leaves started changing a few weeks ago.
He said it should be peak still this weekend, but after that, the leaves
are starting to fall off. He said it's really early this year.

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blackwater falls peak colors happened roughly between october 1 and 11, 2004. we were there october 9–11 and it was beautiful, a tad past peak, some peak trees were full of leaves but a little baked, some peak trees were losing leaves, some trees were empty of leaves, but there was still plenty of green.

the peak colors we saw were happening at the tops of the ridges, so it was peak at the top and progressively greener down the hills. table rock was perhaps not quite at peak with lots of green left lower down and even some high. canaan loop road bike ride was all green. route 93 had lost a lot of leaves and was past peak.

temps for thomas, wv, week of 9/27/04:

temps for thomas, wv, week of 10/5/04:

Canaan Loop Road Campsite Information:
From 32 driving down Canaan Loop Road there are campsites at these mile points (L means on the left, R means on the right): 1.5L (no ring), 2.0L 2.5L, 3.4L, 3.9L 5.3R, 7.2L (on other side of creek crossing, you'd need 4WD to comfortably cross creek) and that's the bottom of the road. It heads up hill after that, the intersection is at 8.1 and then the Table Rock trail head is at 10.0 (it took us 45 minutes this day to go that 10 miles on this dirt road in our non-4WD car.)

shenandoah fall which says:
Many people come to the park to see the brilliant fall colors,
which is usually at its best between 10 - 25 October.

shenandoah nationaly park, luray, va

park headquarters: 540-999-3500
in the fall there is a menu option for fall foliage report

report updated october 15, 2004:
most trees on the drive are changing color,
higher elevation, summits, trees 80% changed,
lower elevation, some trees still green,
lower elevation trees 60% changed.

usually the 2nd and 3rd week are peak for skyline drive
and this year things are right on schedule.

We went to Shenandoah October 16-17, 2004 and found it very disappointing, in terms of color. The colors were all half baked, no vibrant color anywhere (we drove the entire central and northern districts) rather all muted and dry. An important piece of information for future reference: Mathew's Arm campground was not full when we went into the park early Saturday morning, so we could have gotten a campsite Friday night after all.

Hiked to the top of Hawksbill, Bearfence, Rockymount (10 miles, nice out to cliffs in south part of loop, rest of hike just ok), and Furnace Mountain (nice hike up, frequent views, view at top ok.)

temps for luray, va, week of 9/27/04:

temps for luray, va, week of 10/5/04: