Dolly Sods & Blackwater Falls 2008 Red Creek in Dolly Sods wilderness, a gorgeous fall day:

Great color under foot:

Great color above:

Red Creek:

More gazing upward:

More gazing downward, stepping over a log in the path:

I noticed a small sun beam backlighting this leaf:

Chillin' on the Rohrbaugh Plains trail, the cliff looking down into Red Creek:

Lovin' the color:

We did a bike shuttle hike, started at the bottom of Red Creek and took the Rohrbaugh Plains trail back to the road where we had stashed our bikes, then rode the 3-mile downhill forest road back to the car:

So I've got my backpack on above, and you can see we are riding in our hiking boots. More great color too!

Sunday morning at Pendleton Point in Blackwater Falls State Park. Cold!

Great color, electrifying as the sun came up:

A relatively drippy Elakala Falls:

We hung out for about 3 hours, until sunset, at Lindy Point where the view was, well, intoxicating for nearly 3 hours:

Sweeping strokes of color:

Dazzling! I'm running out of adjectives!

There were two heavy-duty photographers there as well, trying to capture the great shot (that's Michele in the middle):

Madly "snapping" away as the sun dipped behind the ridge and ended our glorious Fall weekend in WV: