Mae Hoag, David's Grandmother Mae Kelling, was born November 4, 1900

Mae Hoag 12 years old (1912)

Mae Hoag (top right) and her family.

Mae Hoag 26 years old.

Harvey Kelling's parents (L-R) Henry & Louisa Kelling,
and Louisa's mother (Johnson) and uncle Will Johnson.

Back Row:
Frank Kelling, Lyman Kelling, Blanche McCormick, Hannah Kern, Fern McCormick
Front Row:
Albert Kelling, Harvey Kelling, Allen Kelling, Clarence "Pete" Kelling, Carl McCormick

Harvey Kelling (left) and cousin Clarence.

Harvey Kelling 1919 (I think he's taking a picture into a mirror, camera below)

Harvey & Mae Kelling with first daughter Ruth.

Harvey Kelling 1925 or 1928

Mae Kelling.

Keith Kelling 1946. (3rd child)


Keith, Elaine, Ruth Kelling (the 3 children.)

The house Harvey's parents built,
Harvey & Mae raised family in.

The barn

The house from the back

The lane from the roof of the house

The hen house

The creek flooding in 1915

Inside the house in 1918; Harvey's den

Inside the house in 1970 A

Inside the house in 1970 B

Inside the house in 1970 C

House in 1968 with '65 Chevy

Mae Kelling 1964

Keith's family and Ruth's family 1969

Mae Kelling April 2004, 103.5 years young!

Mae Kelling's 104th birthday, November 2004, with daughters Ruth & Elaine

Mae Kelling's 110th birthday, November 4, 2010

Article in Lincoln, NE paper about Mae Kelling turning 110
Note it should say 8 grandchildren (Dale, Diane, Linda, Vicki, Ron, Steve, Karen, David)
and technically, 14 great grandchildren if I counted right!

Mae Kelling passed away November 30, 2010

She had an amazing run!