David and Michele took a road trip through North Central PA ("Pennsylvania Wilds") late July 2008. Below are a few photos. We antiqued our way up the Susquehanna river on Sunday and camped creek-side at Little Pine SP that night:

Monday we hiked the Golden Eagle Trail, a 9.2 mile hike with nearly 4400' of climbing. Gorgeous hike, but better to do it in the Spring when there is more water running. Blueberries were everywhere:

Got to catch a butterfly on a Bull Thistle flower:

The view, 2 miles into the hike:

Lush carpets of green moss everywhere:

Rats, out of focus, but Bee Balm was in bloom along the trail:


We camped at Leanord Harrison SP Monday night and went to the view of the "Grand Canyon of PA" Tuesday morning:

It was a bit rainy, so took some time to write some postcards in a picnic shelter:

We decided to hang out in Wellsborough and wait for sunny skies before a bike ride. We love diners, and here is the real thing:

Manufactured in 1934, the interior has been lovingly maintained and restored:

Mmm MMM! Good diner eats:

In the late afternoon after it had warmed up and cleared up, we did a ride on the Pine Creek Rail Trail in the Grand Canyon:

I took lots of photos while riding, including this one:

Sunflowers were in bloom all along the trail, that's Michele heading up the trail:

We camped at Kettle Creek SP Tuesday night and Wednesday morning it was raining so David did a 3-mile hike in the Cranberry Swamp while Michele snoozed and read, warm and dry in the car:

This is a Red Eft. Yes, an eft (I had never heard this word), also known as a newt, and I got to see several, out because of the rain I believe (about 4" long):

Lots of ferns, almost can't tell where the trail is:

Wednesday night we had a fabulous campsite right on Clear Creek in Clear Creek SP and were lulled to sleep by a small rapid:

The next morning was a bit rainy, we got our tent packed and into the car just before it started and had breakfast at a picnic shelter overlooking a stream with Rhododendron in bloom:

It was neat to see the stages...

...of Rhododendron blooming:

We drove to Cook Forest SP and did a nice 11-mile forest road bike ride and also rode the 3 mile loop out to the park's fire tower.

Which you can climb:

And enjoy the view from the top:

Our campsite in Cook Forest SP was gorgeous:

With a tiny creek in our back yard as well:

Michele's Camper's Stew cooking in the fire:

About 6 racoons scared the begeezus out of me after Michele went to bed, some of the "kids" announced how close they were to the campfire (it was now dark) with some sudden and blood-curdling snarling and growling. I'm pretty sure it was sibling rivalry, but for a minute I thought Michele was going to find only my skeleton by the camp fire the next morning:

Friday was beautiful and we got to do the 10-mile canoe trip down the Clarion River we had hoped to do the much cooler, cloudier day before:

Snack on a rock:

Brilliant red Cardinal Flower was in bloom often along the river:

Friday afternoon we hiked in the old-growth area of the park, the Tom's Run and Longfellow trail loop. Rhododendron flowers fell to the already beautiful, lush green moss-covered old-growth forest floor:

The downed trees had more than the usual moss accumulation, almost like the Pacific NW:

Friday was also my birthday. After 5 nights of camping we splurged and stayed in a motel in Clarion, went out for pizza and stromboli at the Pizza Pub, and had ice cream at a stand with some to-die-for chocolate-and-Heath-bar-chip covered pretzels we had picked up earlier:

We spent Saturday morning and afternoon antiquing our way around the area, ending with lunch and more antiques in Brookville before heading south and arriving home late Saturday night.